Seminario del Departamento de Física UAM-I: Using simple atomic gases to study complex solids. Bill Phillips (Nobel laureate)

The following seminar on the Seminar Series on Complex Systems will take place next week Tuesday 4th of May. On this occasion we will have a special guest: Nobel laureate Bill Phillips.

Speaker: Bill Phillips (Nobel laureate), Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Maryland
Date and Time: Tuesday 4th of May, 12:00-1:00 pm (Mexico City local time)

Title: Using simple atomic gases to study complex solids
Abstract: One way to gain understanding of complex quantum systems is to simulate them using simpler, more controllable, and more measurable systems. This talk will describe how we simulate some behavior of crystals using ultracold atoms in optical lattices—periodic arrays of microtraps for atoms. This kind of quantum simulation gives us both a different perspective on the solid system and the possibility of obtaining solutions to relevant problems that are calculationally intractable.

Information Regarding this Seminar: For this special occasion, we are organizing the event together with Marco, Brandon, Juan and Ricardo (our students organizers of SEMALFI). Registered participants of the seminar series will be able to follow Bill’s seminar via ZOOM (Nb. A special ID and PASSCODE will be sent to them in a separate email). Non-registered participants will be able to enjoy the event live at the following webpages:

1. Facebook Departamento de Fisica UAMI:
2. Youtube Channel of CBI-UAMI:


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