Discovering Mobile Architectures at Runtime (DISCOMAR)

Fecha: 24 de abril de 2014 a las 11:00 hrs.
Lugar: T-223
Presenta: Dra. Nour Ali
Afiliación: Universidad de Brighton

Resumen: The seminar will discuss the latest plans to work in the area of discovering software architecture of mobile systems at runtime. The objective is to allow software engineers to monitor the structure of mobile systems as they are executing. DISCOMAR aims to develop a conceptual framework and an automated CASE tool for discovering the structure of the mobile system at runtime and representing it graphically. This will ensure that adaptation is occurring in a robust and resilient way and that quality attributes such as security are being satisfied. When software engineers are aware of how the mobile system is running, they can take just in time actions such as fixing problems or disabling certain services. Also, when they are provided with graphical models their communication with different stakeholders of the system is improved. The seminar will also present the background research that has been undertaken in the areas of mobile ambient software architecture as well as architecture recovery and consistency.

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